Acer H7530D Projector Review

Acer H7530D Projector Review


Trusted Reviews is one of the leading review sites for the UK. Recently, the writers got the opportunity to take a look at the Acer H7530D projector. This model features 2000 ANSI lumens, a 40000:1 contrast ratio, and full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution. This projector is designed for home theaters but the writers feel that this projector might be too fun for serious cinephiles. The connection panel comes with a fair share of connections, including HDMI, RGB, composite, s-video, component, and even stereo ports. However, the writers think that the built-in speakers are not that great and users should look at external speakers instead. One feature that the writers really liked was the onscreen menu. Not only was it helpful and easy to use, but it also provided a lot of image adjustment features, which is something you don’t normally find in budget projectors. The image quality was ok, but definitely not the best that the writers have seen. They noted that the black levels were a lot deeper than other similar projectors. The worst problem that the writers found was the rainbow effect. This is a typical problem for DLP projectors and it is especially bad in the H7530D. The final verdict they made was, ‘In many ways Acer’s H7530D is a pleasant surprise, proving again that the DLP chipsets now available to even £1,000 projectors are of a standard that would have been unimaginable as little as a year ago. It certainly still warrants at least an audition against its arch rivals.’

[via Trusted Reviews]

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